Kartoffel – Apfel – Sellerie – Salat

Mein Sommerhighlight 2017 ist dieser erfrischende Karoffelsalat, der fast überall dazu paßt, am Besten natürlich zu Gegrilltem.

Für 2:

2-3 mittelgrosse oder 5-6 kleine Kartoffeln

1 Stange Stangensellerie

½ roten Apfel

1 Frühlingszwiebel


2 EL Olivenöl

½ EL Weißweinessig

½ EL Zitronensaft

Salz und Pfeffer

2 EL Mayonnaise (leicht)

1TL Dijon Senf

1 TL braunen Zucker

1 EL frischen Schnittlauch, gehackt

So geht´s:

Kartoffeln in Salzwasser (mit Schale) bißfest kochen, abgießen, kurz auskühlen lassen. Dann Sellerie, Apfel und Zwiebel klein schneiden, Kartoffeln vierteln oder achteln. In eine Schüssel geben. Dressingzutaten in ein Schraubgefäß geben und shaken, ev. noch abschmecken. Salat mit dem Dressing vermischen und mit dem Schnittlauch servieren.


Pete sagt: Die Historie des Kartoffelsalats findet einen kuriosen Ursprung in Idaho durch Ezra Bovine in 1899. Beziehungsweise durch seine Tochter:

Many of us don’t know the history of potato salad. It was first concocted by Ezra Bovine in 1899. Ezra, an Idaho potato farmer and alcoholic irrigator for hire, first served potato salad at the grand opening of the Twin Falls Bar and Grill. My mother’s mother was there, and recorded the event in her diary:

„That drunk brother of mine showed up at the gala grand opening of the TFBG with a large bowl of mush. He called it „potato salad.“ Of course, everyone there knew he just boiled some spuds, tossed in mayo and onions he stole from his neighbor’s garden and brang it so’s he could take advantage of the free beer pot-luck. It wasn’t bad, but could have used a dollop of mustard and relish.“

Ezra Bovine’s daughter was only ten years-old at the time, but she made reference to his creation in a letter to the editor of the Twin Falls Gazette several years later:

„As unpopular as my stance may be at this time, I cannot vote for the current Republican candidate for mayor of this fine city with a clear conscience. He reminds me of my father’s potato salad which was served at the gala grand opening of the Twin Falls Bar and Grill back in ’99. The candidate is soft, mixed-up, and smells of pilfered onions. A dollop of mustard might have helped his image, but seeing it on his tie as he staggered out of a Kimberly flophouse last Saturday just before dawn leads me to believe he has little knowledge of condiments, gourmet fare, or how to steal away in the night, which in my opinion disqualifies him from aquiring my vote, and I sincerely believe my fellow citizens, all upstanding christian spud farmers, (but for the one Jew, Mr. Lettuce Iceberg), will be of the same mind.“




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