Conveniece or do it yourself?

After a challenging work day you are so exhausted that you end up with some fast food or conveniece from a nearby restaurant or a deep frozen pizza?

Oh, you think, your restaurant does not serve convenience? Forget it, convenience food for wholesaler / restaurants / hotels meanwhile tastes just „normal“-and is everywhere.

I visit some gastro fairs every year, for business reasons, but that is the side effect:  getting to know how the quick and easy business runs. I also spend several nights a year in hotels, but when I see what they are offered on these fairs, you carefully decide your breakfast on your next stay out.

My worst nightmare is scrambled egg out of bottles or packs, you just pour it in a pan, mix it and  serve. It is all prepared. Food tastes like fresh but comes out of deep frozen packages and is heated easily – so even a dish washer can do this – no chef needed….I was told on the last fair by a supplier of convenience food.

That was the bad news.

The good news is: At home, YOU ar the king of good food. You don´t have to be genius, you just have to like, what you do and dare to do it. I will help you with recipes and ideas. Everyone is unique, so please don´t take seasoning tipps for a must, vary as you like – and if you find better combinations, please tell me, I am open to improvements.


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